When you visit Tunnel Hill you stand inside the rocks of the Knappā€™s Hill Tunnel just up the hill. Our stone tasting room was built from the rubble blasted to construct the tunnel in 1937, and has endured the many years. This too is the story of Tunnel Hill. It is the story of passion, persistence and creating beauty from what is found before us. Since 2001 we have been patiently transforming former farm land to vineyards, and a simple stone cottage into a gathering place for friends, family and fine wine. We have learned a lot about the land, the wine it creates, and our own roles in the middle. We now know that building a great wine and a great winery are not unlike. Both require attention to detail, a sense of daring, and tenacious spirit. We believe that wine should transport you to the place it is from and tell you the story of how it came to be.