Our vineyards, winery, and tasting room are located on 40 acres overlooking Mt. Adams and the Yakima Valley. The goal at VanArnam Vineyards is to produce world-class wines. To do this, the wines of VanArnam Vineyards are truly handcrafted. Our winemaking starts in the vineyard. Our vines are carefully pruned by hand to guide the vines to set the optimum amount of fruit for the highest quality. Once ripe, each grape cluster is then picked by hand. Then our grapes are off to the winery where we make our wine in small fermenters. Once the wine has finished fermentation, we draw off the wine from the grape skins. Wine that is drained straight from the fermenting bins is called free run (vin de goutte). This wine is the highest quality with a fruity, smooth palate without the astringency of the tannins. Many of the world’s highest quality wines are made from free run wine. Depending on the wine and vintage we may blend in some lightly pressed wine to add depth for a fuller mouth feel. We are focused on making the best wine possible and for each wine we strive for the perfect combination of free run and light press wine. We look forward to having you experience our handcrafted wines.