Wilridge is the first and still the only certified Organic and Biodynamic Vineyard, Winery & Distillery in Washington State. Wilridge was first certified Organic and Biodynamic in 2007 and has remained committed to these strict standards ever since. Why Organic, why Biodynamic? “Look for wines that are declared on the label to be either Organically or Biodynamically cultivated. Why? Because, as a cohort, Organic and Biodynamic producers tend to be more rigorous and more committed to making genuinely fine wine. It’s a useful shorthand.” --Wine Spectator Why did Wilridge become the first certified Organic and BiodynamicVineyard, Winery & Distillery in Washington State? Wilridge’s reason for existence is to create some of the best wines and spirits in the world. Wilridge first pursued Organic and Biodynamic certification in its quest for quality. Simply put, the best wines in the world come from Organic and Biodynamic vineyards.