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Denise and Brett Isenhower founded their winery in 1999. They are committed to sustainable winemaking through low input farming, native yeast fermentation,natural corks, American made bottles, no capsules, and recycled paper labels.

Our Wines

  • Jongleur

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    • Tasting Notes

    • A Jongleur is a medieval wanderer, entertainer, and juggler. We borrowed the term Jongleur as a metaphor for our lifestyle as small business owners, winemakers, and parents of three daughters. Dionysus Vineyard is a unique site for Petit Verdot. Traditionally Petit Verdot is a slow to ripen, highly acidic wine that is used for blending into Bordeaux Blends. Dionysus╩╝ terrior of a steep Southwest facing slope above the Columbia River allows the vineyard to ripen faster and produce wine with greater richness and intensity. This terrior allows us to produce a 100% Petit Verdot.

      • Petit Verdot
      • $30 - $50
      • Columbia Valley
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  • Variety List

    • Cabernet Franc
    • Cabernet Sauvignon
    • Roussanne
    • Syrah
    • Blend - Bordeaux Style Red
    • Blend - Rhone Style Red
    • Blend - Rhone Style White

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