Enjoy the second story by Dennis King Bonilla, Assistant Vineyard Manager at Stillwater Creek in Royal City, WA.

“The vines have reached bloom, fruit set and now we wait for veraison.”

Busy time in the vineyard. These past months, we have been working with our crews to remove leaves in the canopy, remove trunk suckers, spray the vines, irrigate, weed control, crop adjustment and many more vineyard operations. Every task needs to be finished within a specific time frame. Our crews do an excellent job to achieve these goals.

The vines have reached bloom, fruit set and now we wait for veraison. Weather will affect these benchmarks, and we have been having cool, wet weather. We can’t control the weather, but we can control how we react to what mother throws at us. We can still make sure the vines are healthy through proper pest and disease management, irrigation and nutrition.

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