The eight story from Miriah Falce, Enologist at Cairdeas Winery in the Lake Chelan AVA.

October 2022: The Month of Harvest, Part 1.

I’m still recovering from Harvest 2022… it was SO condensed (usually it starts end of August and runs through Halloween, this year started September 28th and ran through Halloween) so we brought in the same amount of fruit in just one month! With one day off. Actually, we somehow INCREASED our production by 50 tons so more in less time! Cue buying more/bigger tanks and 75 more barrels halfway through October because we had no room…

So I am currently in recovery and will write part two soon… for now here’s lot of harvest photos! I wasn’t in our Cairdeas vineyard much, and even had to miss picking estate fruit because we were hard at work in the winery, so this month was very winery focused. I picked and added another Italian variety to my upcoming label, thanks to my best friend and fellow ambassador Bernadette! Overall it was an exhausting, unique harvest but I’m so excited and proud to see what we made! Oh, and it ended in snow.

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