Why did you decide to certify your vineyards through Sustainable WA?
Doug Frost (DF): We jumped at the chance to certify Taggart Vineyard because we are trying to farm as regeneratively as possible and we want people to know it. Sure, part of it is letting your customers know what you’re doing, but part of it is making sure that we are actually adhering to a program of responsibility and progress.

What does sustainability mean to you?
DF: Sustainability is a matter of constant questioning; we need to make certain that we are not taking too much from our place in the valley. Put simply, sustainability ought to mean that the earth where we have been farming is more vibrant than when we found it. That there is more diversity of species thriving and that the soil is alive. Certainly sustainability means that we have to turn a profit in our farming and winemaking practices, or our business will not be sustained. We have to pay people a living wage and make sure that they are well cared for, or the people we rely upon will not be sustained. It’s an entire ecology that we are trying to help support.

Why is a certification important to your business?
DF: We have to talk about our practices in order for people to understand our values and how we live our values. In so doing, we want to be held accountable, but also to participate in the conversation around regenerative viticulture, to keep learning but to encourage others to learn as well.

Why should a winery consider purchasing certified grapes?
DF: If you don’t invest in sustainable practices, and if you don’t support those who are, you’re not going to have a sustainable viticulture and your wines will eventually suffer from it. There are no quick fixes in this business. Do everything that you can with the long game in mind.

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